Trump supporters, white supremacists are part of YOUR club.

I lived and worked in Charlottesville for several years, until 2011. When I learned what happened there yesterday, I was saddened and angry. This is not who the people of Charlottesville are. The Governor is correct in his assertion that these white supremacists are outsiders, who do not reflect the values of the citizens of Charlottesville.

These white supremacists made the trek from other states into Charlottesville for no reason other than to spread bigotry and cause chaos. They waved their stupid confederate flags to highlight their belief that African Americans are inferior. They waved their stupid Nazi flags to highlight their belief that Jews are inferior. They waved their stupid AR-15 rifles to hide the fact that they are insecure with their masculinity, or lack thereof. This is not how men behave, this is how cowards behave.

To anyone who voted for and continues to defend Donald Trump, you should recognize that these stupid, arrogant, hate mongering racists are part of YOUR club, and you are who you surround yourself with. If you don’t like that label, then distance yourself from it by strongly rebuking the one guy who has been emboldening the alt-right since his birther movement.

Don’t give me that nonsense about how you think liberals incited the violence or how liberals are the real racists. You are the one standing up for the people waving the Nazi and confederate flags, some dressed in white sheets and pointy hats. I think you know exactly what those symbols represent. If you continue to defend that side, then you deserve to wear the same label they are wearing….RACIST.

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