I started this blog because I am often pondering many things in the world and feel it would benefit me to get them off my chest.  I have an abundance of ideas and views, but not many people in my life with whom I can discuss them.  My hope is to provide another point of view and spark conversation on some of these topics in the comments field.

Whether you agree with my worldview and politics or not, I would like to hear your thoughts.  All I ask is that you make an effort to be respectful and open minded to the opinions of others.  Let’s consider this an learning opportunity to find that even though we may appear very different on the surface, inside we are very similar, with the same wants and needs.

I am a student of ASL (American Sign Language).  I plan to occasionally post videos of myself using sign language to express my views.  I may not always take the time to add subtitles, as that has proven to be a big job, even for the shorter recordings.  However, If you want to know what I am talking about, post a message in the comments section and I will give you a summary.  I do encourage you to learn ASL yourself though, as it has many positive benefits, as you will soon learn if you choose to embark on that endeavor. Consider visiting http://www.lifeprint.com and start taking the lessons there.

Fred Allen