How to stand up to hate.

The first thing decent Americans should do to stand up to hate is; stop normalizing them by giving them a platform on national TV.  Just don’t do it.  These are fringe groups, that do not deserve to be allowed into our homes for any reason.  Merely report on their activities, but do not invite them onto your show to share their thoughts.

There are two ways to approach actual racist individuals.

Try to win them over with kindness.

Show them that the people they hate so much are really not the evil subhumans they envisioned. That they are actually good decent human beings who are not so different from themselves and would be welcoming with open arms and a good friend.
Keep in mind, many people drawn into white supremacist groups were loners as children. They latched onto anyone who showed them a little kindness. These are the kind of people who are ripe for the plucking by white supremacist leaders, who woe them with respect and kindness, and become the only friends this individual ever had. Why would he want to give that up and go back to being a loner with no friends? That is where we have to show him that we will be his friend and he will not be alone, and we will actually be a better, and more positive influence in his life.

Beat them down until they crawl back under the rocks from which they slithered.

Unfortunately, some of these people just can’t be budged. Their hateful bias is so deeply embedded into their brains, that no amount of rationalization or exposure to the beauty of diversity will move them.
These are the leaders of the supremacist groups. They are the ones actively trolling for fresh recruits for whom they can exploit and corrupt.
These are the ones we want to stand up to and loudly oppose at every opportunity. We want to clearly show them how unpopular and disliked their views are, so that their followers and potential recruits can get that message as well.
When we drown them out every time they try to speak, their followers will see that as weakness, and nobody wants to follow weak people. Then the unbudgable leaders of the white supremacist group will have no choice but to retreat back to the confines of their safe echo chamber spaces, where they can continue preaching to the choir, but not actually have the opportunity to spread their hate.

There needs to be a large call to action for social media networks and website hosts to enforce their policies against hate speech, and stop giving these groups a platform on the internet. Google can also be motivated to delist these websites from the search results. These measures will go a long way in forcing these hate groups back underground where they belong.

When i watched the videos and looked at the pictures of the Neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, a city I called home for several years, it churned my stomach and broke my heart. Some of the kindest people I know live in that city and I imagine they are heart broken right now by what has happened and is happening. Lets do what we can to make sure nobody else is hurt by these hate groups.

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