The benefit of trump

Mike Pence may have his own brand of evilness, but unlike trump, he will not make a joke out of the United States. He is well behaved and calculated. I also believe that even though he may disagree with some aspects due to personal views, Mike Pence will follow the Constitution and the rulings of the Supreme Court.

trump needs to be removed from office as means of showing the world that this is not who we are and that he does not represent the values of most Americans. Then we can begin the process of rebuilding the relationships he has damaged.

It is clear to me that trump is here to create chaos and division, then sit back and watch it all unfold for his own amusement. His only agenda is to undo any progress we have made in the last decade or more. Even Mike Pence wouldn’t had pulled out of the Paris Accord, insulted NATO Leaders or praised the dictators of the world while condemning our allies.

Now all that aside, I happen to think trump is the best thing to happen to this country. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can bounce up. Thanks to trump we are now hitting rock bottom. If trump is impeached by his own party, imagine how disastrous that will be to the GOP, that is already showing signs of breaking down since the election. The GOP will take decades to recover from an impeachment, if they ever recover at all, which in turn will hamper their efforts to push their backwards agenda through.

And even if he is not impeached, he is effectively taking the GOP down with him. Just look at the turnouts at the town halls over the Obama Care repeal, and that is happening in RED states. The Midterms are looking good for us. Many people who normally vote religiously, sat this election out. They took for granted that someone like trump would never win. I have faith that mistake won’t happen again. Also the DNC made the mistake of choosing a flawed candidate, whom was already disliked by much of the country. I have faith that mistake won’t be repeated either. If trump isn’t impeached by his own party, he will most likely be impeached in 2019.

Many people are calling for trump to delete his twitter account. Why? Every time he tweets, that hole he is digging himself into gets a little deeper. By all means donny, keep tweeting, you are making it that much easier to get rid of you, and thank you for making America Great Again. Without you, all the good tolerant people of America wouldn’t be standing together to protect our country, that we love, from a demented child throwing a tantrum.

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1 Response to The benefit of trump

  1. Rob Darnell says:

    It still bugs me how Clinton supporters believe that those of us who voted third party did it because we didn’t want to vote for a woman. If Clinton had been a man, I still would have voted third party.


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