Do we want a President Pence? Hell no, but….

If Donald Trump is impeached, millions throughout the nation will rejoice.  Finally the orange haired buffoon will be reduced to tweeting from the comfort of his own home and not on the tax payer’s dime.  Finally we can begin to rebuild our image in the eyes of the world after an embarrassing Trump presidency.  But what happens when Vice President Mike Pence succeeds Donald Trump? Would this be good or bad for America?

Trump, as the head of the Republican Party and its standard bearer is effectively dragging the party down with him.  There is so much infighting between republicans on Capitol Hill that they have consistently failed at almost every attempt to pass major legislation, further cementing the belief in the minds of millions that the GOP is ineffective and incapable of making progress for the betterment of the United States of America.  Surely a President Pence will be able to repair that image and pull the GOP out of the gutter to reestablish the Grand Ole Party to a status comparable to its glory days with presidents such as Dwight Eisenhower or Ronald Reagan.

The definition of “Conservatism” is; Resistant to change, or as I prefer to describe it; “Afraid of change”.  When you really think about it, just about everything on the republican platform is about imposing their will on people whom they consider to be wrong, lesser than or different, by way of their sexual orientation, religious beliefs or lack thereof, or even the color of their skin.   Having a President Mike Pence and a drama free White House would be a dream come true for the GOP Congress as they attempt to push through more of their conservative agenda, something liberals had been fighting to prevent for years.

If Donald Trump continues to divide his party with his personal attacks on members of his cabinet or on GOP members of Congress, there is likely to come a point when they realize the only way for them to save face and possibly secure their chances of being reelected is to seek to impeach him themselves and let a President Mike Pence resume the duties of the Commander in Chief.  This scenario seems more likely with every outrageous Trump outburst that GOP Congress men and women are becoming weary of defending.

Many very anti-Trump activists caution against rushing to replace Trump with Pence, as that would mean a much tamer republican, whom GOP members of Congress would have less conflicts, will be sitting in the White House.  It is well known that Vice President Mike Pence harbors many extremist views, mostly based in his evangelical Christian beliefs and given the opportunity there is little doubt that he will focus much of his effort on depriving civil liberties from those U.S. citizens who make him uncomfortable.

So with that perspective in mind, maybe we should stop talking about impeachment altogether.  Maybe we really are better off at the moment with an incompetent president who continues to alienate key members of his own party, rendering the passage of their agenda practically hopeless.  When the midterm elections are over, democrats should have regained control of Congress and everything will be safe and sound then.

However, if Trump is impeached prior to the 2018 midterm elections, by the republican controlled Congress, the already very divided party will be shattered beyond repair.  This would not only save the nation from their backwards agenda, it would also guarantee that most, if not all republican seats will be lost in upcoming elections.  So even if Vice President Mike Pence succeeds ousted Donald Trump in the Oval Office, his hands will be tied from doing anything of significance after 2018, as will the rest of the republican senators and representatives.

For that reason, I feel that the impeachment of Donald Trump would be the best case scenario for the United States in the long run, as it will have long lasting effects in pushing the Republican Party out of our political theater and making way for more progressive forward thinking parties with an eye on the future development of the United States.


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