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The time to start talking about gun violence is now.

I am going to go ahead and politicize this. Today there was another senseless act of gun violence, where more than 20 people were murdered when an armed man walked into their church and began firing. This being in Texas, … Continue reading

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How to stand up to hate.

The first thing decent Americans should do to stand up to hate is; stop normalizing them by giving them a platform on national TV.  Just don’t do it.  These are fringe groups, that do not deserve to be allowed into … Continue reading

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Thanks to Trump.

It is worth pointing out one beautiful thing that has been happening because of Trump; all the good and decent people of America have been coming together to defy him and do the right thing. Last night, while most of … Continue reading

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Trump supporters, white supremacists are part of YOUR club.

I lived and worked in Charlottesville for several years, until 2011. When I learned what happened there yesterday, I was saddened and angry. This is not who the people of Charlottesville are. The Governor is correct in his assertion that … Continue reading

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Do we want a President Pence? Hell no, but….

If Donald Trump is impeached, millions throughout the nation will rejoice.  Finally the orange haired buffoon will be reduced to tweeting from the comfort of his own home and not on the tax payer’s dime.  Finally we can begin to … Continue reading

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U.S. Senate just voted overwhelmingly to limit President Trump’s powers and I am ecstatic.

There was a time when I could disagree with a Republican, but still respect the person. Then along came Donald Trump and exposed the GOP for being a bunch of a spineless cowards, afraid to stand up for what is … Continue reading

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The Shooting at Congressional Baseball Practice – It’s time to get real.

This morning a man with a rifle opened fire on several members of Congress as they practiced for an upcoming charity baseball game intended to raise money for local boys and girls clubs throughout the nation. After overcoming my initial … Continue reading

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Remember when Bill Clinton was impeached for lying while NOT under oath?

Way back in the late 1990’s, a juicy sex scandal involving former President William Jefferson Clinton and his young 22 year old intern Monica Lewinsky was one of the most talked about topics of the decade, coming close second to … Continue reading

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The benefit of trump

Mike Pence may have his own brand of evilness, but unlike trump, he will not make a joke out of the United States. He is well behaved and calculated. I also believe that even though he may disagree with some … Continue reading

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Eric Trump says Russian investigation is baseless.

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