U.S. Senate just voted overwhelmingly to limit President Trump’s powers and I am ecstatic.

There was a time when I could disagree with a Republican, but still respect the person. Then along came Donald Trump and exposed the GOP for being a bunch of a spineless cowards, afraid to stand up for what is good and decent.  I could feel that respect eroding more and more.

Finally when Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President the United States, I felt zero respect for any members of the GOP who regularly enable him, and I still struggle to feel any respect for any supporter of their agenda as they try to justify their position with illogical and irrational viewpoints.

However, I just finished reading an article on the Washington Post about how the Republican controlled Senate just voted overwhelmingly (97 – 2) to restrict Donald Trump’s powers to lift the sanctions imposed by Former President Barack Obama on Russia.  Now Trump, whom has been hinting at allowing ousted Russian officials to return to their compounds on U.S. soil after Obama ejected them last December for espionage activities against us, can not make that decision, only Congress can.

I am feeling giddy as the realization sets in that Trump just got majorly burned by his own party.  If this had been a move by a Democratic controlled Senate it would not carry nearly the significance as it carries under these circumstances.

One of the beauties of the American system of government is that when the President is unhinged or incompetent Congress can step up and run the show.  If Republicans keep this up, my giddiness might even turn into respect again.

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